Fort Collins Martial Arts Studio

Free Intro Week!

Welcome prospective students!

Please take a look at our FAQs to learn more about Meridian Gate Kung Fu Center.

We specialize in the following kung fu styles:
Tai Chi Kung Fu (Tai Ji)
Tan Tui Kung Fu (Spring Legs)
Hou Quan Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing)

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, the mission of Meridian Gate is to enlighten individuals in the understanding and the application of traditional Chinese martial arts by building healthy life skills that focus the mind, body and spirit. This is accomplished through mastery of body integration along with actualization of the power of 'individual will' by employing the principle of Wu De, or martial code of conduct.

Call us today at (970) 308-6689, or e-mail us, for a free week of training!

We are located at 201 Commerce Drive, just north of Lincoln Avenue, near Link Lane
in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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