Kurt Yungeberg (Lao Shi, Chief Instructor) 孙可山

Lao Shi started his martial arts training in wrestling, spending 8 years in the sport. Soon after graduating from high school, he joined the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. While he was stationed as a Recon-Corpsman with 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion in Okinawa, his passion for martial arts was rekindled due to the nature of the job and his desire to be a better fighter.

Returning stateside in 1993, Lao Shi continued training various art forms, constantly looking for new ways to improve his martial skills. Soon after returning, he received his certificate in personal training from the NSPA (National Sports Performance Association).

After serving in the U.S. Navy for over 8 years, he settled in South Florida and worked as a Bio-Medical Equipment Engineer. During this time Lao Shi focused his studies on traditional Chinese martial arts. He also attended Florida Atlantic University.

In 2001, Lao Shi moved back to his home state of Colorado to be closer to his family and to complete his degree in Chinese History. After graduating from Colorado State University, Lao Shi moved to Nanjing, China. While in Nanjing, Lao Shi taught English as a Second Language at Nanjing yi ke da xue (Nanjing Medical University).

During his two year stay in China, Lao Shi was fortunate to train under several masters of Chinese martial arts, including: Fan KePing, Zheng ShunRong, and Zhou Ming. He also produced a VCD (Video Compact Disk) on Rock Monkey Boxing, was showcased numerous times on local TV stations and newspapers, and was featured in Fan KePing's reprinted book series. Lao shi was given opportunities to train in many forms of Chinese martial arts, but concentrated on three styles: Chen shi Tai Chi, Tan Tui, and Hou Quan. Along with this he studied a variety of forms of qi-gong. His training averaged between 4 to 12 hours a day seven days a week. Currently he spends roughly two hours per day training hard and soft qi-gong in addition to generally spending two hours per day on forms.

Styles trained in:

  • Wrestling - 8 years
  • Various arts (TKD, Judo, Karate) - 2 years
  • Mauy Thai - 2 years
  • USMC Reconnaissance hand-to-hand (including principles from Philippines knife fighting) - 2 years
  • Traditional Chinese Martial Arts - 12 years


Zhang ShunRong (Lao Shi, China) 张顺荣

Zhang ShunRong, is the Martial Brother of Kurt Yungeberg. He has been training in Martial arts for over 28 years. His primary art is Chen Shi Tai Chi, and he is a tu di (disciple) of Chen ZhengLei. Zhang ShunRong is also an expert in Ba Gua, Xing Yi and other arts. Lao ShiZhang instructed Kurt in Chen Shi Tai Chi, various forms of qi gong, and is a great friend of Lao Shi Yungeberg. Lao ShiZhang has a school in Nanjing China and his website is at