Martial Arts Curriculum

At Meridian Gate Kung Fu Center, our curriculum is designed not only to create competent fighters, but also to teach a systematic approach to Chinese martial arts. While practicing forms is great exercise, helping students generate power and learn proper movements, students must also be able to apply the concepts. Our program is devised to build upon what has previously been learned and is constructed around three different training focuses: mastering the basics, Tai Chi, and Tan Tui/Hou Quan.

Focus 1: Basics

Hou Quan

This focus is designed to teach the student proper stances, kicks, blocks, punches, and to increase flexibility. The goal of this section is to help the student get in shape, create endurance, and increase strength and health. If the student is interested in studying Tai Chi, then Tai Chi basics will be introduced to the class. Alternatively, if the student wishes to pursue Tan Tui/Hou Quan, then more time will be spent increasing flexibility. This segment of training does not follow a specific timeline, but if diligently practiced, the student should be able to graduate from the first focus relatively quickly.

Focus 2: Tai Chi

Tai Chi

This section is designed to teach the internal style of Chen style Tai Chi. The intent of this style is to teach the student how to be soft and relaxed, and how to incorporate fa jing (internal power generation) into Chinese martial arts. Attention will be paid to the martial aspects of Tai Chi instead of focusing solely on the health benefits most Tai Chi programs are centered on. Along with the form, sparring and qin na (grappling) will be heavily emphasized. Tai Chi training will also incorporate qi gong to teach the student how to properly breathe and to promote health.

If the student chooses to continue studying Tai Chi, he/she will learn the Tai Chi sword, broad sword, and spear. While much of this study will teach the student how to use weapons, refinement of sparring an qin na will also be stressed.

Focus 3: Tan Tui/Hou Quan

Tan Tui

This focus will introduce the student to his/her first form (Tan Tui) to prepare him/her for Hou Quan. The student will learn all ten lines of the form. This means the student will be able to perform the form with high competency, flowing from one movement to the next, learning correct balance, how to fight while using the form, and to possess the spirit of the form. Tan Tui will teach the student how to use punches, blocks, kicks, and qin na (grappling), thereby refining what was learned during the basics focus.

Hou Quan is taught as a continuation of Tan Tui. Hou Quan will teach the student the six forms of Monkey Boxing, from simple moving forms to the only Monkey weapon, the staff. The Hou Quan curriculum will be taught using a highly structured regimen that will be broken into five blocks of instruction.

Juniors: Ages 6-11

The Juniors Class will introduce the student to punches, stances, kicks, blocks, and sweeps as they pertain to Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. Etiquette, culture and Wu De (Martial Code of Conduct) will be stressed. The student will work on a tiger crane form and begin training in Hou Quan (monkey boxing). The class will emphasize dealing with the interrelationship of the physiological processes of the human body with respect to movement.